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SIDIPRO My fruit

With SIDIPRO My fruit obtain information about the origin and quality of the fruit or vegetable you bought.

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Scanned Product: Mango

Company Name:  Azul Sustrato

Place where it was harvested:  Chiapas Coast

Harvest date:  02/08/2021

Certifications it has:  Global GAP

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If your product has the 4 SIDIPRO Quality badges, feel happy that you consume a healthy product, you are helping a Mexican company and also the planet!

Insignia Calidad Negro.png

Overall Quality Badge

This badge verifies the quality of your product in all aspects.

Insignia Ambiental Negro.png

Environmental and sustainable badge

This badge verifies the use of organic inputs.

Insignia Inocuidad Negro.png

Quality and safety badge

This badge verifies the total hygiene in the production of your product.

Insignia Desarrollo Humano Negro.png

Social and labor badge

This badge verifies the responsibility that the company has with its employees.

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